Our Industry

Technology has revolutionized the way we live on a daily basis. Think about it. From smart phones and smart cars to nanotechnology and quantum computers, technology permeates nearly everything we do—and, unsurprisingly, that presence has an incredible impact throughout the nation's other economic sectors.

Technology doses businesses with faster, efficient, and more effective approaches to methods to ensure they can grow and maintain growth. It provides a connecting nexus for people and the businesses they have created all over the world. Technology is essential for our nation's economy and lifestyle, and that's why the industry needs the best to support it. 


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Why The Military Community Fits in Our Industry

While the technology industry extended its reach and influence around the globe, the U.S. has seen large numbers of military Veterans returning to or looking to enter the civilian employment marketplace.

Tech companies are constantly looking to grow with skilled people, and Veterans, transitioning service members, members of the Guard and Reserve and military spouses looking for fulfilling and dynamic careers that will put their unique skills to work. With the help of resources that will help you translate your skills to the private sector, you are poised for a successful career in technology. To learn more about how you fit in the industry, click on "Deep Dive" below. 

Steps to Get Started

Ready to learn more? Use these steps below to help you learn more about the technology industry, people like you who have made successful transitions into their civilian careers, and what jobs are available. Don't worry about taking them in order; these are just guidelines for you as you familiarize yourself with the industry and what it offers.


First, review stories about those who have successfully transitioned into the technology industry. Click on the button below to view success stories.


Second, speak with employers about different career paths and opportunities available in technology. Click on the button below to learn more.


Third, search and apply for jobs in careers that fit you best. Click on the button below to search for jobs in the technology industry.